10 years ago,

a mother of two daugters began her career by setting up a factory with partners to mass production supplying handbags to retailers, fashion brand owners, and others.



Her passion towards her products can be seen in every single part of the hand bag down to the last detail, be it the sould of the hand bag – gunuine leather, be it the accessories of the hand bag, i.e. buckle, zip, etc. She insists to have the best for all her products.

2019, marking the 10-year milestone of her career, she decided to taking up the challenges, undergo a major restructuring of her business model, from owning 14 companies in various locations, both local and South Asia, venturing into e-Commerce. A better and convenient way of bysiness reaching out the individual borderless.

Violet Ng


Only the Best


Characterized by ingenious design, supreme craftsmanship, SV are not only the closet staple but a boldfaced style statement.

SV has a series of everyday carryall that is simple, chic and most importantly, practical.

A sense of Soft & Tough (flexibility & durability), reflected in the genuine leather being used in every SV bag that symbolised the modern lady, stands out in a crowd because of her repectfulness, elegance, and politeness.

The Material – Genuine Leather

SV Handbags produced by senior leather handbag cobblers. Exquisite handwork, each part is carefully selected by the our cobblers. Large space and multi-pocket design, made of stainless steel, very practical. Mainly is our genuine leather material, after several experiments by SV team to prove to everyone. The bags colour of the handbags is definitely a modern style. Most of our handbags are designed with two kinds of carrying methods, which are tote and slinging, which can be worn with your wear.
Leather is a fabric that has been used by humans to make clothes and accessories, long before the fashion industry as we know it appeared. It has been in all eras, by pretty much every culture and they knew why they were choosing it. Leather is a great material that protects the human body or goods; it is comfortable and long-lasting.
The Star
“In this era, genuine leather handbags are not just for the niche market only. Everyone can afford them”
Fashion Magazine - Maddison Glendinning
“It’s our duty to respect [nature].” 
Fashion Magazine - Marta Tryshak
“Leather has been a fashion staple for decades. Yet in the past few seasons, leather has become more prominent and finally made its way into the mainstream for summer wear.”